How I Was Able to Fix My PC Free

You can still expect to encounter a problem with your computer. Some individuals though, when they encounter this would not think that it’s funny. Computers have integrated computers to their life that they become too dependent on it. It has become the center of the lives of lots of people today. Your job provides you with a means to interact with a computer for the entire day. People panic when they see that their computer is not functioning any more. People commonly react in that manner. Situations like this might have also been experienced by you some time ago. You’ll be excused if you say that you gave up on fixing it by yourself the moment you checked what was wrong with it. I did fix my pc free though, and you’re welcome to read on as to how I was capable to do it. Yes, that’s all true. I’d like you to get to know the application which was used to fix my pc now. You’ve probably heard about PC Cleaner Pro before. Get more information about this program by reading down below.

 fix pc

If there was ever a reliable reference that I turned to when I was I was about to repair my pc reviews would have to be it. With all of the reviews the message was clear: PC Cleaner Pro is the program that you should be using on your pc to fix it. When I had the chance to use the software to fix my pc free online I was left in awe of what it could do. Worth noting is how advanced PC Cleaner Pro really is. If you consider how bleeding edge the technology used for it was, you’d have to be happy that you can actually use it free of charge. Since they didn’t have to pay to use it, those who reviewed this program felt that it was really good and wrote that about it. Reviewers had deemed this program as revolutionary and the best there was of its kind. Those who had reservations about the software were also quick to admit that it was quite effective at its job. You can use this software to fix you or anyone else’s computer. You can check out the reviews for concrete evidence of what it can do.

You’re not going to run into any problems getting this program installed on your computer. It was easy to fix my pc free download links to the official were available when I searched for it. You should go to the official site though so you have to make sure that you’re online. I could then start on going about fixing my computer when I had downloaded the fix my pc free program. There is a noticeable slowdown among computers who’ve been in service for too long already. Over the years the accumulation of various junk in the form of files and programs are the major reasons for the slowdown of your computer. It’s hard to describe what this junk really is as there are lots of definitions for them. One good example that I can name is the registry values that have become broken or corrupted on your computer. You can use PC Cleaner Pro in cases like this because it can easily detect these issues and more. Concerns with your computer’s registry can easily be fixed with this program’s registry cleaner utility.

For me when I need to fix my pc help from this program would be easily available. A feature of PC Cleaner that enables this is the fact that it can run quietly in the background when not in use. With the situation that I was in I knew how to fix my pc through the support that the program’s features provided me. If you want to computer to function properly again, the thing you need to know is the main cause of its difficulties. When you know what’s wrong with your computer, you’ll be capable to formulate a solution to make it functional again. It’s not important that you use PC Cleaner Pro for all computer problems that you’re having since there might be applications better suited for that. What you need to remember is that there’s no other program that can detect problems on your pc in a more comprehensive way. The program will show you the list of errors on your pc in real time while it’s scanning it.

A feature like this is undoubtedly a convenience that you would want to have. You’re going to have an even easier time with the full version of this program since it has a one click fix feature. With this one click feature your problem’s resolution is just one click away. There might be times when you’re in a hurry so you could use this handy feature by then. So for those who are afraid of technical speak, this is a shortcut to fixing your computer that you’ll really welcome. I knew how to fix my pc for free just by using this unique application. This is a great program, revolutionary even. Computer issues will be easier for you and you’ll get a lot of savings so long as you make sure you try out this program right away. With its features, you know that whatever issue your pc might have will be fixed simply.


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The benefit of using PC Cleaner Pro to repair my pc

If you wish to have a high paying job which can afford you many opportunities, then consider a career in Information Technology. The computers are now considered a necessity. You can never expect our lives to be totally complete without these devices helping us every day. In case you wish your future would be more reliable, then this is the career that you should consider to achieve it. In order to achieve in Information Technology, you should be happy to know that it’s really quite easy to do. If you’re going to pursue a career as an IT professional you would need to ensure that your tools would have several utilities. Now I’m going to talk about a fix my pc free program that you’re sure to find useful. In order to diagnose any pc’s problem, you just need to make sure that properly use this program. You wouldn’t need to worry anymore once you know what the issue is. When all is said and done, you can then opt to fix my pc now.


If you really think that you’re a competent IT Professional having PC Cleaner Pro should be something that you have with you at all times. It’s been a long time that this application has been used with regard to dealing with problems to your pc. This program is much like a premium program because of the fact that it has lots of features. When you check out the fix my pc reviews, you’re going to see that those who have gone on to use this program have only positive feedback from it. The results that these IT specialists have gotten from this fix my pc free program have long impressed them.

This application’s ease of access is another thing that has endeared it to a lot of the people who’ve used it. Prior to this program you’d never think that this feature is something that other applications could have. When you talk about program’s that are easy to access, PC Cleaner Pro is one of them. For the links to download the program, it’s as easy as going to the official site which you’ll also check out for more details. You’re not going to have a problem with setting up the fix my pc free download on your computer. Look for the executable file after PC Cleaner Pro is downloaded and then just run the setup wizard. The very first time configuration of your program you’ll have to make sure that the setup wizard will run. After you’ve been through this whole process, this fix my pc free program would then be accessible for your use.

Their competitors wouldn’t be capable to hold a candle to the support that this program has for their end users. There are bugs that you’re going to encounter and these are really normal. For an IT technician who doesn’t know what to do in these types of situations then you can expect hard times ahead. With these concerns in mind, the developers of the program also came up with a support solution that they provide to the users of their product. So that there would be a forum to address these problems, the fix my pc help site was put up. An IT Professional will then have no worries in terms of giving an answer to the age old conundrum of how to fix my pc. Everything you’ll ever need can be found on the PC Cleaner Pro site. You’ll be able to do this with just accessing their web site using the web browser on your computer.

So if you happen to consider a career in IT, be familiar with PC Cleaner Pro. It’s the best option on how to fix my pc for free. Actually, it’s the best way to deal with any issues that you might encounter with any pc. The concepts in Information Technology would have to be something that you’re aware of if you would want to make a career in this industry. So even though you may have this program and a little knowledge, it’s still not going to be enough. Research now about what people encounter each time with regard to the issues that they face. This way, you wouldn’t have to be too reliant on any program or application. That is something that’s more impressive than an all in one utility.

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What can I do to fix my pc free?

If you work in the area of Information Technology, you’re sure to earn lots of money. Our lives are intertwined with computers. Even if we might not like that to happen we can no longer do anything. This is one area that you need to really consider having a career in if you would wish to earn lots of money someday. The advantage of information technology is that anybody can perform well in the field. It’s essential though, that you should always have certain tools at your disposal if you are an IT expert. Today, you’re going to learn about one such fix my pc free tool. Using it will make sure that you would be able to diagnose a pc problem accurately. Dealing with the issue would be easier if this were the case.After which you’d be able fix my pc now.

If you really think that you’re a competent IT Professional having PC Cleaner Pro should be something that you have with you at all times. Having dealt with pc problems for a long time you’re going to see that you’ll be able to put this to good use. There are actually plenty of functionalities found in premium applications that are also found in this program. You’re only going to see and hear about positive feedback from the people who’ve used this program and you’d be capable to see it through the repair my pc reviews found on the internet. You couldn’t count the number of IT specialists who have used this fix my pc free online application today.

One other thing that you’re going to get using this utility is it’s accessibility feature. Free utilities like these are in fact hard to come by presently. It’s easy to get a hold of PC Cleaner Pro. You just need to go to their website and check out the links for downloading it. Running the fix my pc free download is actually quite easy on your computer. It’s just a simple matter of running the executable file of PC Cleaner Pro. For the initla configuration of this program, the setup wizard is normally the guide. The features of this fix my pc free program would then be available for your use.

When you compare this program to its competitors you’re going to realize that it’s support is unlike any of their competitors. Bugs are really normal, and you’d come across these every once in a while. A hard time is what you as an IT specialist will face if you are dealing with these sorts of issues. With these concerns in mind, the developers of the program also came up with a support solution that they provide to the users of their product. So that there would be a forum to address these issues, the fix my pc help site was put up. An IT Professional will then have no worries in terms of giving an answer to the age old conundrum of how to repair my pc. The PC Cleaner Pro site is where you’re going to get everything. Just open up your computer, and you’d be able to access their website with the resources that you’re going to need.

In case you may want to be in IT and get a career in this industry, PC Cleaner Pro is something that you must have familiarity with. You only have one option if you wish to know how to repair my pc for free, and it is this. Really, it’s the best way to handle any issues that you might encounter with any pc. The concepts in Information Technology would have to be something that you’re aware of if you would want to make a career in this industry. That is why it’s not enough to just have a modicum of knowledge and this application. Research now about what people encounter every time with regard to the problems that they face. This way, you wouldn’t need to be too reliant on any program or application. Nothing would even come close to what this would offer, not even the best utility in the world.

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How to Reduce Memory Usage and Clutter With a Chrome Extension Called OneTab


Have you ever tried having so much work to do in the internet that you using more than 2 windows open and each of those windows have multiple tabs? Surely all of us have done this before and we probably notice that having multiple tabs open slows down your computer’s performance and makes your computer look like in a total chaos. The good news is there is actually an easy way to de-clutter your computer and it is a chrome extensions called Onetab. If you don’t happen to know what this is then you should keep reading and you might just be amazed how helpful onetab chrome extension is to your computer.

Onetab is a simple chrome extension that enables you to manage your tabs instead of leaving multiple tabs open at the same time. Onetab compresses all your tabs in a list and allows you to open the list in a new tab so that when you click on a URL in the list it will open in a new tab. You can also remove items from the list, restore your tabs, or import/export list of URLs and do whatever you want. Do you want to know how to get onetab on your chrome? Just follow these simple steps and you’re good to go.

To get onetab chrome extension you have to download and install Onetab from the Chrome Web Store. After a few seconds and the installation is done you will notice a new little icon in the top right corner of your screen. There’s no way you can’t find it, the icon resembles a blue funnel. Whenever you have multiple tabs open you can simply click that little funnel Onetab icon to minimize them and show it all as lists in a new tab. And once all tabs are already in list you can easily import/export them, open/close/access them again, or even generate a QR code for your list of URLs.

Onetab chrome extension doesn’t only exist to make your tabs look organize it can also speed up your computer by reducing the CPU load thus you are left with no reason why you shouldn’t try onetab today.


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How to Enable Family Safety Features in Windows 8


All of us are aware that there are many things in the internet that children are probably not meant see. You cannot keep your children from using the computer and browse the web because one way or the other they will eventually use it. Instead f not letting your children use the computer to browse the internet there are some other ways to protect them from the dangers it brings. One way is to use family safety features windows 8. You are lucky if you have been using Windows 8 however it may occur to you that most things in Windows 8 are not that easy to activate and customize. Today we will be showing you a windows tips and tricks to protect your children from the harmful dangers of the internet and some ways to safeguard your computer. Keep reading and follow these steps so that you may not worry anymore.

Before we dig deep we must know family safety features windows 8 really work and see if it really helps. Here are some of the things you can do with the family safety features windows 8: Limit web browsing to age-appropriate sites, you can blacklist specific websites or whitelist a certain few allowed websites, impose time limits on computer usage, lock out the PC during certain hours of the day, control which apps to be played, and limit app purchasing. These are the things that family safety features windows 8 will let you do which really sounds a lot of help. Now let’s get to the main part which is to activate family safety features windows 8 follow these steps carefully: First open the charms bar or if you can’t see that simply press windows key + C. Click Change PC Settings. After that click Users and then add a user. Here you will be asked whether to create a new user or add an existing user. If your kids however already have a Microsoft account like the ones they use for Xbox live then you should just add an existing user. Otherwise if this is the only computer your kid will be using then you can choose Local account instead. Check the box marked as is this a child’s account? Then click Finish. Right here you can now configure the blocks, limits, and filters as you wish. After performing these steps your family safety features windows 8 is now activated and your children will be protected from the dangers of the internet.


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5 Things That Will Be Difficult to Do in a Post-PC World


As apple fans have suggested, we are already living in a post-PC world and in just a matter of years before Microsoft has been buried six feet under. If you try and go out in the market today you will notice how tablet computers have dominated the market sales and how awfully Windows 8 is regarded as a disaster. Sure enough these reasons could be considered as factors to conclude that we’re indeed going to be in a post pc world but there are still many of us who cannot bid goodbye to our desktop PC yet. We are not here to imply why tablets are bad but we are here to discuss the five things that could be difficult to do in a post pc world.

Regardless of the people who only use their computer to connect in all social networking sites there are people who do real work in their PC’s. These kinds of people need all the screen space, processing power, and program functionality. Having a desktop computer is the most convenient way to write a 25 page college research paper or compile 15 different spreadsheets at the office which most tablet is incapable to do.

Hardware peripherals on our desktop computers make things easier and one couldn’t just imagine if we attach all these in our tablets. Speaker jacks, multiple microphones, not to mention the useful ports that could even reach to 10 ports, firewire ports, usb ports and even ports you don’t even know what to do with. Sure tablets have ports but not usually more than two Usb port.

You can also run multiple open windows at the same time which in your tablet you are only limited to see a single window unless you have the ultimately large screened tablets. Running multiple apps at the same time in tablets is difficult if not impossible.

If you cannot open multiple windows with your tablet so much more that you cannot use multiple monitors in it. You probably can hook up one HD monitor to your tablet but two is basically impossible.

And out of all the things mentioned above the most difficult to get used to in a post pc world is to play PC games in stunning graphics. We all know that PC games nowadays demands system requirements like massive graphics cards, several gigabytes of RAM and four cores of processing power.

And like most of us would agree unless a tablet can perform all those listed above then there no way we can transition to a post pc world.

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The Start Button is Microsoft’s “New Coke” Moment


Way back in mid 1980’s the world’s largest soft drink company, Coca-Cola made a step that they never thought would damage its brand forever. Coca-Cola decided to junk their old favor which is the original Coke recipe and aimed for something different. They introduced the New Coke recipe to everyone which was supposedly designed to enhance the classic recipe’s flavor but to some unfortunate circumstances it didn’t impress the crowd. The New Coke recipe was despised by people and obviously wanted the old recipe back. Coca-Cola responded to people’s feedback and criticisms and again decided to bring back the original recipe which is the Coca-Cola Classic. Apparently, regardless the high demand of the Coca-Cola Classic recipe they are still not ready to abandon the new recipe and still pursue to hang on to it as the Coke II. Again the New Coke was regarded as failure to many and Coca-Cola only lost sight of their solid brand. Why are we tackling so much about this? It is because we somehow find relevance in this issue to the new windows start button which many would agree that this is also Microsoft’s “New Coke” moment.

Tony Bradley of PcWorld should be given credits to this idea but actually doesn’t take someone for us to notice it since it has also been lingering in the minds of most PC users. After abandoning windows 8 start button like what Coca-Cola did to their original recipe, early adopters of the system also despised the new look and many agreed that they felt lost in the new OS. Few questions like: How do I access the control panel? How do I uninstall a program? Where can I see the list of all the programs on my PC? And several questions started to arise. There may be mods to recover the windows 8 start button but hopefully it wont be too late for Microsoft. Furthermore there are rumors spreading that Windows 8.1 or Windows 9 is arguing that there won’t be any desktop mode at all. If this continues it would give Microsoft vague chances of recovering itself just like how Coca-Cola scrapped its brand.


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